Bah, Humbug. Amazon Spoil Christmas.

The following item will arrive after 25 Dec 2009.


The Box of Delights [DVD] [1984]
By: Devin Stanfield, et al

Condition: New

Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.


I ordered myself a nice DVD copy of the fabulous Box of Delights, because I haven’t seen it for years, and I love it, and I thought it would be good and Christmassy. I ordered it on the *2nd November*. You’d think that would be long enough for something to arrive before Christmas, wouldn’t you. But nooooo. It has now been delayed twice and will arrive sometime after Christmas, except they can’t quite put a date on it, and they don’t have it in stock (it’s now listed as only available on marketplace). I can cancel if I want to. Which I don’t, because I want to own the Box of Delights on DVD. However, more critically, I wanted to be able to watch it at Christmas, and now I can’t, thanks to Amazon being significantly less together about these things than me. Can they offer me Christmas spirit by way of compensation? I bet they can’t.


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