marbury: shatner does palin and vice versa

If you’ve not seen Shatner do his Sarah Palin reading, you should. And then Palin does a Shatner reading. That’s odder. I’m all in favour of politicians being able and willing to laugh at themselves and to shake off the mockery of others. But Palin seems to miss the mockery in Shatner and O’Brien’s performances, and any attempt by her to mock Shatner just doesn’t land. It’s a lot like watch the Tina Fey-as-Palin interaction with the real Sarah Palin on SNL during the elections. Palin should probably just leave well alone with a dignified silence – but I’m not sure she knows what dignified silence *is*. I’m just grateful she’s not in the UK or she’d probably try and get on Have I Got News for You, and that would be excruciating.


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