No Smellovision


Until someone can develop a way to send scents down cables from computer to computer we’re never going to give up the real world in favour of the computer wholly and entirely.

I took this at the Medieval Christmas Market in Siegburg this evening. I’m quite happy with it – it gets the shadows and the soft lights, but it completely lacks the smell of this particular stall. Everything this guy was selling smelt magical. There was myrrh and other incense, all the spices the world could furnish, and a huge range of teas (Christmas, Punch, Camomile, Roibos, Pirate – which looked like green gunpowder tea) – all arranged so as you walked along the stall you moved from the pungent incenses, past the spices (which you had to get close to in order to really smell them) and on to the sweeter teas. Nearly all the containers had big wooden ladles so you could pick up a scoop and have a sniff. And then when you bought things they got poured into paper cones that were tightly folded, so you could smell them all the way home. My camera bag now smells of Lebkuchen Gewürz and Christkindl tea. It’s gorgeous.


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