OK, Everyone get over this Christmas No.1 Fuss.

The only Christmas no.1 ever that I actively like. Gary Jules’ cover of Mad World was Christmas no.1 in 2003. AFTER I had been listening to it for fifteen months having bought the Donnie Darko soundtrack so that I could own the damn song. If that’s not proof that the whole Christmas no.1 thing is complete bonkers and mostly rubbish, then I don’t know what is. I *fail* at pop music in a fairly epic fashion. I grew up on Flanders and Swann and Gilbert and Sullivan. I only developed a taste for anything much more contemporary when left in boarding school for a month in 1995 when I discovered Pulp and developed a lasting affection for the whole Britpop scene. I don’t think I’ve listened to Radio One since I finished my undergraduate days at university, and I’ve never seen an episode of x-factor or pop idol or anything. The ideal that I would be ahead of anyone else in popular music is just DAFT.


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