The New Single from Emmanuel Jal “WE FALL” Feat. McKenzie Eddy of Voodoo Farm

The New Single from


“WE FALL” The new single feat. McKenzie Eddy (of Voodoo Farm)

FREE Download on December 2nd, 2009

“I am releasing this song as a free download to say
‘thank you’ to everyone who has donated to GUA Africa.”

The release date of December 2nd marks the 1-year anniversary of Emmanuel Jal’s fast. The money he saved during his fast was donated towards the building of a school in Sudan. To help please donate to his non-profit organization, GUA Africa.

Born in Southern Sudan during a perilous time of war, Emmanuel Jal was forced to become a child soldier. From his seemingly hopeless beginnings to his rise as an international artist and spokesman for peace, Emmanuel Jal has demonstrated hope and inspired thousands around him.

I think it’s been a little while since I last told, well, everyone who’d listen that they should listen to @Emmanueljal‘s music. Can I tell you again? You should listen, and then if you want, donate.


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