Boris: “LibDems aren’t really British”

What crouton of substance did Clegg offer last Thursday, in the opaque
minestrone of waffle? He wants to get rid of Trident. Great! So Lib Dem
foreign policy means voluntarily resigning from the UN Security Council,
abandoning all pretensions to world influence, and sub-contracting our
nuclear deterrent to France! They are a bunch of euro-loving road-hump
fetishists who are attempting like some defective vacuum cleaner to suck and
blow at the same time; and the worst of it is that if you do vote Lib Dem in
the demented belief that there could ever be such a thing as a Lib Dem
government, you won’t get Prime Minister Clegg. You’ll get Prime Minister
Gordon Brown, for five more holepunch-hurling years, because the Lib Dems
almost always vote with Labour, and in my years in Parliament I can’t
remember a single moment when they opposed a Labour measure to expand state
spending or state control.

Ok, so that title might be seen as the extreme interpretation of what Boris is saying here (and in the paragraph before where he rants about Vince Cable) – but the argument really IS that the LibDems won’t put Britain first, and that this is bad for us. And frankly, this argument is bad for us and bad for our political debate – it’s the kind of scaremongering that tries to force an opponent that scares you out of the political debate by making them seem alien. Boris may be milder here than Sarah Palin is in her use of this rhetoric (he is, after all, not urging us to ‘reload’ rather than ‘retreat’) – but he still makes it clear that he thinks those who like the LibDems and their positions are ‘mad’ (just *count* how many times the word mad is used in this piece) and endangering Britain. For Boris, the LibDems are being all wily and deceiving the Great British Electorate, an electorate he thinks is so dim that they can’t understand this with the use of logical arguments and the presentation of alternative political proposals. No, the electorate must be scared out of their delusions in order that the Tories can look after us for ever more.

And all it shows, really, is that the Tories are scared that someone is threatening their position.


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