Don’t vote out of fear.

Vote because you’re fucking terrified. That’s what this advert says.

And yet I’m pretty sure I heard David Cameron say, in the second leadership debate, that we shouldn’t vote out of fear, but in hope of change.

So please -if you vote out of fear let it not be because you’re terrified of a hung parliament. I’m voting because I’m pretty much terrified by the idea of a Conservative government. I’m not scared of a hung parliament – they’re not

always the end of the world, or of a country, or Parliamentary democracy.

If you want to know something about why a hung parliament’s not the worst thing you could ever fear, read Alex Massie in the Spectator – and remember that he favours the Conservatives and*still* thinks they’re wrong on this.

The Conservative Party says that a hung parliament will lead to back-room deals, stagnation, power-brokering and partisan wrangling. I say that this says more about them and how they think politics is done. If this is what they’ll do in a hung parliament then, yeah, we might have a problem – but it’s a problem that’ll be THEIR FAULT, not the vault of the electorate if everyone in the electorate votes for he representative they want to vote for. It becomes the fault of the representatives. Not every candidate agrees with the Conservatives about the outcome of a hung parliament – and some of them will want to work openly in such a parliament to make things work. So vote for the candidates who are open to new ideas and new ways of making government work in Britain. A hung parliament is a very real possibility – and you should vote for the candidates who AREN’T scared of that, because they’re the ones who will make it work. The Scaredy Cats won’t. They never do.


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