unleashing my inner meanie

Nate, now this is some superb analysis! Well done! I love Anglo-poltics…the weird lingo, the uber-brief campaigns, the baffling micro-parties fighting for representation, the ” Shy Tory” effect, the uber-left Tony Bennites singing “Le Internationale” at political rallies, the partisan press on full tilt… Awesome stuff.

Here’s to a solid showing by The British Independence Party! Small government, reform-minded, Euro-sceptics.

via fivethirtyeight.com (from a commenter, not the fivethirtyeight team)

If you love Anglo-Politics you should probably know that it’s not all Anglo, and that it’s UKIP not the British Independence party.

And as for the weird lingo, you’re posting on a site called fivethirtyeight for chrissakes. Pot, meet Kettle.


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