Your democracy’s spoiling my vote! « Cubik’s Rube

Quite what the effects of a hung parliament would actually be is one of the many things in all this that remains beyond me. But if it’s a natural and unavoidable result of people simply voting for who they want to win, then maybe this adds to the case for serious electoral reform.

What it doesn’t imply is that voting for the Liberal Democrats is irresponsible and dangerous, and that an entire third of the electorate ought to give up on what they actually want for the sake of a nice, comfortable compromise.

He’s quite right, you know.

The idea of tactical voting (which I’ve been thinking about because I support the Lib Dems overall, but am not 100% sold on my local Lib Dem candidate) has been giving me a headache for a few weeks. I’d like the voting system to be sorted out so that I didn’t have to have that kind of headachey tension between local representation and the party I want to see in government, but it’s not going to happen at least until after this election.

So I think I’m going to go with what I want on a national level. And then maybe I’ll join some community groups to petition for things I want locally – wherever I end up living after June!


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