More men like Jon Hamm, please.

single mother. I think the definition of a man’s man has shifted
in recent times to this sort of fratty bro, different from the older
version, which was aloof and distant—Gary Cooper or Cary Grant or
James Bond. Now it’s a little vulgar, kind of lowbrow, adolescent.
I’m not that guy. Part of being an adult is treating women like

Hall: The grand pendulum has swung backwards a
little bit. Women are allowing themselves to be objectified as
“empowerment.” I suppose to some degree you have to go
through that phase of, like, “Look, I can make myself a sexualized
object.” Still, I just hope that it’s okay for women to read
and be bright and talk about interesting things and be sexy.

Hamm: To be able to read and talk about complicated
things is sexy. It’s not just having a pair of bolt-on tits.

W: Jon, the old rule is if a man wants to flatter,
he tells a beautiful woman she’s smart and a smart woman
she’s beautiful. What does one say to Rebecca?

Hamm: That she’s very funny.

He not just a pretty face. No.


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