Oh for goodness sake, Guardian.

The banjo-toting, foot-stomping folksters Mumford & Sons lead the vanguard, while Laura Marling, collaborator and girlfriend of lead singer Marcus Mumford, was also recognised for her beautifully crafted and poignant second album I Speak Because I Can.

So, Laura Marling’s in a relationship with Marcus Mumford. Whoop-de-friggin’-do. WHY is this the salient fact being noted about her in the Guardian’s report on the Mercury Music Prize nominees? How is this relevant to her music and her musical sucess? In fact, if their relationship *is* relevant to commentary upon their careers/success, shouldn’t *he* be referred to as HER boyfriend – after all, Mumford and Sons broke through AFTER Laura Marling, and toured as her support act.

Rubbishes, Guardian. Rubbishes.


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