A friend of mine found this…

I was “stumbling” around and found this great description of Punctuation marks:

Think of a long, long, well-written sentence with no punctuation except the period. Such a sentence is a long straight road with a stop sign at the end. The period is the stop sign. Now think of a winding road with lots of stop signs. That analogy describes a paragraph with lots of periods, an effect that will slow the pace of the story. The writer may desire such a pace for strategic reasons: to achieve clarity, convey emotion, or create suspense.

If a period is a stop sign, then what kind of traffic flow is created by other marks? The comma is a signal to keep going — but with caution; the semicolon is a speed bump; the parenthetical expression is a barricade; the colon announces a crossroads; the dash is a tree branch in the road.

beautiful description


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