Is religion a force for good… or would we be happier without God?

debate panel
The Observer religion debate panel, from left to right: Evan Harris (former Liberal democrat MP), Samia Rahman (journalist), Jon Cruddas (Labour MP for Dagenham), Cristina Odone (author and journalist) and AC Grayling (philosopher). Photograph: Richard Saker

I’m all in favour of this kind of debate, I really am (especially in the Guardian, which is my paper-of-choice, but which I sometimes feel gives religion a hard time because it can), but I am compelled to express my opinion that Christina Odone and Jon Cruddas are not the pinnacle of Christian intellectual thought in the United Kingdom. Their views are interesting, sure (particularly Cruddas, given his position as an MP), but they couldn’t find someone from Theos or the Jubilee Centre to pair with AC Grayling?


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