Taking history: top writers select their photographs of the decade

Blood, smoke, rubble, floodwater, guns, bodies, riot shields, flame, skyscrapers, more rubble and more floodwater and more blood – is that what the decade was about?” asks Philip Pullman in his contribution to our Review cover story this week. We invited ten writers – Pullman, Simon Schama, Mary Beard, Germaine Greer, Will Self, Blake Morrison, Hilary Mantel, Jeremy Paxman, Pankaj Mishra and Geoff Dyer – to choose an image from two covetable new collections of the most powerful photojournalism from the last 10 years (Decade, edited by Eamonn McCabe and published by Phaidon, and the Guardian’s Eyewitness Decade, edited by Roger Tooth).

OK, look, these are interesting writers, and they’ve picked interesting images for interesting reasons, and it’s all very well and good and interesting. But I want to know what the photographers and photojournalists choices are. What is João Silva’s choice, or James Nachtway’s? Dear Guardian, I want to know.


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