I’d laugh, only the idea of David Davies as Prime Minister is a Thing of TERROR.

Lib Dem asks if Cameron will resign as tensions rise over AV | Political Scrapbook

Will Coalition tensions boil over in the run up to the AV referendum? This morning sees Ian Swales, Lib Dem MP for Redcar, suggesting that David Cameron should consider resigning as Tory leader:

Championing the First Past the Post electoral system in a speech to spring conference in Cardiff on Sunday, Cameron told the Tory faithful:

“Do you realise that under the system they propose, candidates who come third can actually end up winning?”

Or, indeed, second! Swales’ tweet references the 2005 Tory leadership contest, which was conducted using rounds of voting that redistribute preferences in a similar way to AV:

So will Cameron resign as proof of his commitment to FPTP?


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