The Trains of Woe.

The saga of my morning of cold station platforms. Or, the reason why I’m going to be quite late for work. 

So it all began when the train from Tooting to Wimbledon was late leaving yours truly with a tight change. So I raced down the steps, trying not to trip over my bootlaces, and hopped on the train that was at the platform because IT WAS THE RIGHT TIME FOR MY TRAIN. 

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, some poor (or possibly thoughtless and inconsiderate) soul got hit by a train at Waterloo (they’re not really specific about how this happened) delaying all the trains out of that station.  

Only when I found the train pulling into Motspur Park rather than New Malden  did I realise that the train I had leapt on was in fact the wrong train. WOE. 

Fortunately there was a train for Waterloo at the station as we pulled in.  Inevitably, of course, it left just as the doors of my train opened.  I waited for the next train, 5 minutes later and spent the most entertaining 15 minutes of my week on a train just outside Raynes Park station. 

Now I am waiting for the next train to Teddington, which was supposed to be at 09:16 but which may or may not arrive some time this month. 

Here endeth the saga. And next time I will be checking train destinations no matter how tight the change. 


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