Oh, please.

Katy B: ‘I auditioned for Hermione role in ‘Harry Potter” – Tabloid Hell | News | NME.COM

However, the singer was cruelly rejected for the 2001 film after telling producers she hadn’t read the book it was based on.

Speaking to The Guardian the dubstep siren, who releases her debut album ‘On A Mission’ on Monday (April 4), said she also auditioned for the musical Annie.

“I auditioned to be Hermione in Harry Potter,” she explained. “They were like, ‘Have you read the book?’ I was like, ‘No.’ And then they said, ‘Next!'”

(a) Half the girls in the country who were 8-11 auditioned for the role of Hermione, she’s hardly alone in not getting it.

(b) Eight was probably casting a little young for the part.

(c) Of course who ever was running the audition asked whether people had read the books. It’s a question, I doubt it was a deal breaker.

(d) Mostly, you don’t audition for producers until you get a whole lot further than the first rounds. It will have been casting directors.

(e) Did I mention the half the girls in the country thing? Of course they moved quickly through auditions.


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