They should also look at Cornwall

Perhaps not surprisingly, all but a handful of the constituencies with the lowest rates of unemployment are Conservative. But a closer look, shows something very interesting indeed. Two of the highest percentage increases since 2006 are in Liam Fox’s North Somerset (up 124 per cent) and David Cameron’s Witney (up 121 per cent). In England only Sam Gyimah’s East Surrey (up 156 per cent), Paul Beresford’s Mole Valley (up 131 per cent) and Michael Gove’s Surrey Heath (up 129 per cent) are higher. The numbers are relatively small, but for each person involved this is no less painful. Cameron can argue that the figures represent the Labour years and it’s true that there are nine fewer people on the dole in Witney since his government came to power. But he can’t afford to be complacent.

Martin Bright in The Spectactor (

I don't know what the figures for unemployement in Cornwall are, except that I suspect that they're normally above average, but I do know that all the MPs in Cornwall are in the coalition, and I know that my parents think there's no point in me trying to save money by moving home because I'll have much less chance of finding a job in Cornwall than I will in London.


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