The West Wing has foreshadowed pretty much all US politics for the past decade…

Tim Minchin’s recent tweet (“I can imagine a crime in which I’d want the perpetrator dead. In the UK, the law would protect me from that instinct. “) put me in mind of this scene from Game On in season four.

Mr. President, this next question is on capital punishment, which you oppose:
If your
youngest daughter Zoey was raped and murdered, would you not want to see
the man
responsible put to death?

First of all, it’s important to understand the President doesn’t make that
though he appoints the Supreme Court Justices who do
so. What… any… um… All
right, I’m not going to say that. I’ll just go right to… No, I don’t. I
think you
know that I’m opposed…. [sighs] Let’s not do that. I haven’t seen any
evidence that
it’s a deterrent, and there are more effective… In my state…

Oh, my God.


[to Leo] You weren’t kidding. [to Bartlet] What’s the matter with you? When
I left
you… I just mentioned your daughter being murdered, and you’re giving us
an answer
that’s not only soporific, it’s barely human! Yes, you’d want to see him
put to death.
You’d want it to be cruel and unusual, which is why it’s probably a good
idea that
fathers of murder victims don’t have legal rights in these situations. Now,
going back to school.

I wish there had been a chance for the White House to take a sabbath day before last night.


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