Yesterday’s Odd Conversation

Dentist: “Do you grind your teeth in the night?”
Me: “Um. I don’t know. I don’t think so. But I guess it’s not impossible, with things being a little tense.”
Dentist: “Well, keep an eye out for that.”
Me (baffled): “How do I find out if I’m grinding my teeth in my sleep?”
Dentist (clearly not expecting the logical question): “Well, um, your husband..?”
Me (very clearly amused): “Yeah, I don’t have one of them.”
Dentist (awkward): “Oh. Um.” (clearly doesn’t want to suggest any one else) “You could film or record…”
Me (eyebrows floating somewhere over the top of my skull): “Suure…”

So here’s a question: there’s an app that monitors sleep patterns – is there one for teeth grinding? ‘Cos I only share my bed with teddy, and he’s not going to be so good at telling me if I’m grinding my teeth.


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