Thought Provoking

I’m on the train home, tapping away on the phone, which is not my favoured way to construct intelligible longform thoughts, but let’s have at it…

Just been to see Grayson Perry’s Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman exhibit at the British Museum. Seriously, you guys, it is an incredible, thought-provoking thing, about art and culture, inspiration and obsession and all sorts of things. There are some fabulous pieces (both his and from the museum’s collection – barely any of which I’d seen before, I love that about the BM – it’s such a treasure trove) and fascinating juxtaposition and commentary.

And now I need to go away and re-examine what it says about me and my cultural relationships that the British Museum is probably my favourite place in London, and my favourite museums on the planet (sorry, Centrale Montemartini), and that one of the things I most love about the place is that Tennyson quote on the floor of the Great Court: “And let thy feet millenniums hence be set in the midst of knowledge.”


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