Rachel Maddow: Interesting on Obama and the Prayer Breakfast

I like Rachel Maddow a lot. I don’t always agree with her (though I’ll freely admit that I do agree with her more than 50% of the time, minimum).  If you hit the link, I hope you will end up at the right clip – it’s 2 February, entitled ‘GOP piety vs policy, incongruous on poor, sick’

Whatever you think about the creepiness or non-creepiness of the background to the US’s National Prayer Breakfast (and personally, I like that it exists and don’t really have enough knowledge about the situation to pass opinion on anything behind that) – Maddow is very smart and very interesting (and yes, very rhetorical – I don’t think that anyone would ever argue that she doesn’t have a bias, but nor should they argue that she’s not open about it) on the way that it often surprises/is implied to be impossible that Democrats are truly Christian, and the subsequent incongruity of the Republican position on social care and social justice, vis-a-vis their ‘ownership’ of Christianity in the States. 

I know that for a lot of the people I interact with, this is kind of old ground – but it is really nice to see people in the media talking explicitly about it. 

As a note: for those interested in the British side of this – cf Victoria Coren in the Guardian last week, on why the Bishops in the House of Lord absolutely should have voted against the benefit cap. 



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