a poetry album for you

I promised to pull together all the poems read for
#readmepoetry over the last couple of days. If you still want to
read something, just go ahead and I’ll add it! Things I have learnt
this weekend:

  • my friends give great poetry readings
  • this is really really really fun – and easy
  • once you start reading poetry outloud, you just can’t stop

Abbi Shaw reading a collection of Aleksander Ristovic
Jenn. reading The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
Jenn. reading Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take The
Garbage Out! 

ClairePeters reading April Rise
Claire Peters reading The Highwayman
@rubbishgroupie reading Resquiescat
@rubbishgroupie reading In Praise of Paving

Jenny Flannagan reading Desert Places

Ray Turner reading The Galloping Cat

Timothyhm reading Having a Coke with

Sarah Francis reading Wild

Sarah Francis reading What
we Need is Here

Rachel Clements reading The

Rachel Clements reading Variation on the Word

Rachel Clements reading At the Fishhouses

Rachel Clements reading Entirely

Rachel Clements reading Of Mutability

Rachel Clements reading Sandpiper

Hannah Swithinbank reading Adlestrop

Hannah Swithinbank reading Jabberwocky

Hannah Swithinbank reading The Highwayman

Hannah Swithinbank reading To an English Friend in Africa

Hannah Swithinbank reading  The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Hannah Swithinbank reading Sea Fever

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