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Let’s go back to my early blogging / writing ambition roots. TRAVEL.  So while I’m hanging out on the East Coast for a couple of weeks (and while there’s a massive rainstorm that just made my phone send me an actual, real, live, flood alert, what?), have a travel recommendation, and a couple of photos.

Since the weather forecast was decent for most of the day, I took myself off to Governor’s Island.  I would now like to highly recommend it as a cheap, fun, outdoors option on a summer Sunday.

It cost a whole $2 to get there on the ferry, because I got up too late to make the free ferries in the morning,  You get this view on the way – isn’t it awful? 


You can take / hire bikes, and basically mess around in a good deal of nice greenery, or sneak your nose into some of the history of the island (FORTS), or lie in a hammock in the sun and read a book, for free (none of this ‘for hire’ nonsense like London parks pull with their deck chairs).  Also, there was a donut stand called Carpe Donut. So I LITERALLY seized the donut. It was really tasty.


I had a nice day. You should go if you’re ever in New York.

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