New for 2016: Hannah’s Coen Brothers Season

At the start of this new year I made a resolution: it is time to rewatch (almost all) the Coen Brothers’ films.

In the light of a large portion of the internet (including myself) losing its collective marbles (understandably) over Oscar Isaac’s appearance as Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens I thought it was about time to rewatch Inside Llewyn Davis. And then I thought, ‘Hey, it’s been a long time since you’ve watched some of these – and some you’ve only seen once a very long time ago, so why not watch them all.’

And then I thought. Maybe not all… but at least all the ones I own.

So, these are the rules:
(1) I’m going to watch all the films Coen Brothers’ have directed (none of this scripting for other people nonsense that would involve watching Gambit), in order of release, with the key exception of The Ladykillers. This is because the original Ladykillers is one of my all-time favourite film and I regard the existence of a remade version as one of the great travesties in cinema history and, quite frankly, je refuse.
(2) I may or may not watch Intolerable Cruelty or Burn after Reading because I do not own either of them having been not greatly enamoured of them in the cinema. If I can find them on some legal streaming service or borrow them, then I will include them, but I’m not buying them special like.
(3) There is no firm time frame on this, except that I would like to finish them before Hail, Caesar comes out – and it arrives here at the end of February. This means I probably have to go at more than one a week, so here’s to some double bills!
(4) I’m going to aim to blog about each one, probably quite briefly, and I give you due warning that the Miller’s Crossing post may simply consist of me garbling about Gabriel Byrne’s hat and the awesomeness of Marcia Gay Harden.

The order is as follows:


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