In which I muse on memory in Blade Runner 2049

maybe one day you’ll be a real boy… (Warning, includes spoilery discussion of Blade Runner 2049) I was sitting in the London Review of Books’ cafe at the weekend (recommended), reading the latest edition of the Paris Review. It includes a conversation between Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis about the way they identify and write […]

On Christianity in ‘Islamic Exceptionalism’

Building on my overview thoughts on this book…  In the second chapter of Islamic Exceptionalism, Hamid looks at whether and how Islam is ‘exceptional’, through a discussion of it in contrast to Judaism and Christianity. This is Exhibit A in ‘This Book is Written for a Western Audience’ because there are actually more than three religions […]

In which I read Islamic Exceptionalism

I spent some time this summer reading Islamic Exceptionalism by Shadi Hamid, and I’ve been doing some thinking about it. The short review is as follows: this book is good and will make you more informed and make you think, so go read. At the same time, it’s not flawless (what book is?) and there’s some things […]

In which Hannah watches Hail, Caesar!

Diversity can be found in unity Unity can be found in diversity. So say a Rabbi, a Priest, a Pastor, and a Patriarch, advising Eddie Mannix, Capitol Pictures’ honcho and fixer, on whether the script of his new movie, Hail, Caesar, is theologically solid enough to pass American muster. And so, in this movie containing […]