hannah is…

  • a researcher, writer, and qualified historian, busy exploring different avenues
  • a generally opinionated woman-person who likes to make connections with people and ideas to create potentially interesting cocktails. she also has a tendency to organize and plan things
  • Cornish girl, unexpected Londoner, inveterate traveller

Hannah has a PhD in Ancient History, a diploma in Professional Writing and an inherited tendency to read anything that comes to hand, including the back of the cereal box at breakfast.  She is currently working as a research assistant, which goes well with her overdeveloped sense of curiosity.

She cares about politics, culture, media, faith, social justice, and how we ‘do’ humanity.  As a result she has a month-long playlist of podcasts to catch up on, several feet of bookshelves to work through, and huge amount of affection for David Foster Wallace, who she thinks had a better handle on what it is to be human than any other turn-of-this-century writer.   She likes to let her brain wind down by spending time practicing photography and improving her cookery skills.  In her spare time she explores coffee shops, and flails enthusiastically at amusing things.