Being Yourself, allowing for mistakes

Authenticity often means making mistakes.Grayson Perry, The Guardian, 16 June 2012. Last weekend, I sent a tweet: “Hopefully at some point this summer I will manage to get out of my own head. Intact. That’d be nice.” It feels like it’s been a summer of questioning, of “Who am I, what’s my purpose in life?”-ing: […]

Well, that was a little bleak / reflections on last night’s reflections

Last night I wrote: ‘One of the key qualities of humanity is the ability to lie…’ I think it’s a fair reflection of Miéville’s themes in Embassytown – but is it really what I think? I was sitting in church this morning, for what turned out to be a really lovely Pentecost service, and still […]

Being aware of what you’re buying and owning your choices.

Six months earlier, the 22-year-old had moved to Chengdu, in southwest China, to become one of the millions of human cogs powering the largest, fastest and most sophisticated manufacturing system on earth. That system has made it possible for Apple and hundreds of other companies to build devices almost as quickly as they can be […]