in which I want my plagiaristic cake and to be credited when others eat it

I really like this article by Kenneth Goldsmith on ‘Uncreative Writing‘  – it has some intriguing ideas (and it references Lethem’s ‘Ecstasy of Influence’ which is a favourite essay of mine).    It’s not all uncontentious, even if you’re me and you like meta and postmodernism, but it is worth thinking about.  I’m interested in […]

Skeptobot: The Digital Economy Bill passed: The internet watched live as a handful of MPs ignored democracy in their attempts to control that which they don’t understand.

via The post is a really good account of what happened with the Digital Economy Bill and statement of why the bill and grassroots creativity (where all creativity starts) are, really, at loggerheads. Plus Bonus Lawrence Lessig, for who I have the highest regard – and the Bush/Blair video 10 minutes in. To.Die.For.