In which Hannah watches Hail, Caesar!

Diversity can be found in unity Unity can be found in diversity. So say a Rabbi, a Priest, a Pastor, and a Patriarch, advising Eddie Mannix, Capitol Pictures’ honcho and fixer, on whether the script of his new movie, Hail, Caesar, is theologically solid enough to pass American muster. And so, in this movie containing […]

Reflecting on ‘The Shock Doctrine’

I have finally finished reading Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine – only about two years after I started it!  I do just need to point out that this isn’t because the book isn’t good or engaging (it’s both): it’s more about the fact that shortly after I started reading it I found myself unemployed, living […]

“It’s just money: it’s made up.” / Make it up BETTER

1980s. Wall Street. Greed is Good.  2010s (however we’re verbalising the number…). Margin Call. The financial system is f****d up.  How we’ve grown.  I really liked Margin Call.  It’s perhaps not the greatest, most cinematic film on the planet, or even in the cinema right now (in a way, it’s like a play) – but it […]

I want to laugh, but I think I’m crying. ‘Confidence Fairy’ AWOL.

The Austerity Delusion – And then there’s the British experience. Like America, Britain is still perceived as solvent by financial markets, giving it room to pursue a strategy of jobs first, deficits later. But the government of Prime Minister David Cameron chose instead to move to immediate, unforced austerity, in the belief that private […]