In which I muse on memory in Blade Runner 2049

maybe one day you’ll be a real boy… (Warning, includes spoilery discussion of Blade Runner 2049) I was sitting in the London Review of Books’ cafe at the weekend (recommended), reading the latest edition of the Paris Review. It includes a conversation between Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis about the way they identify and write […]

Thinking about Coates on hope

The more I studied, the more I was confronted by heroic people whose struggles were not successful in their own time, or at all. To the extent that they were successful, black politics was a necessary precondition, but never enough to foment change. It became impossible, for instance, to think about emancipation without the threat […]

confusing concepts

‘And supposing the God whom those Japanese believed in was not the God of Christian teaching…’ Fereira murmured… ‘What the Japanese of that time believed in was not our God. it was their own gods. For a long time we failed to realise this and firmly believed that they had beocme Christians… I am saying […]