in which radical readings of Romans are a *leeetle* bit scary

(but possibly really good) I’ve been on a bit of a run with Romans lately, between theology 101 and a fairly terrifying 2-day conference digging into it from an awful lot of angles, and at times it’s been fairly frustrating a struggle.  I’m wrapping it up for, having just finished reading Theodore Jennings’ Outlaw Justice: […]

Jazz Theology

Way back when, when I were young, I used to play the piano and the trumpet. I learned  classical piano and trumpet, and was an orchestral player. Until my late teens, there wasn’t a lot of jazz music in my world, despite the best efforts of my father, who would occasionally appear with ‘Best Of… […]

Ambivalent about Ambivalence.

We are the Ambivalents, unable not to see both sides of the argument, frozen in the no-man’s land between armies of true believers. We cannot speak our name, because there is no respectable way to confess that you believe two opposing propositions, no ballot that allows you to vote for competing candidates, no questionnaire in […]