Being Yourself, allowing for mistakes

Authenticity often means making mistakes.Grayson Perry, The Guardian, 16 June 2012. Last weekend, I sent a tweet: “Hopefully at some point this summer I will manage to get out of my own head. Intact. That’d be nice.” It feels like it’s been a summer of questioning, of “Who am I, what’s my purpose in life?”-ing: […]

Well, that was a little bleak / reflections on last night’s reflections

Last night I wrote: ‘One of the key qualities of humanity is the ability to lie…’ I think it’s a fair reflection of Miéville’s themes in Embassytown – but is it really what I think? I was sitting in church this morning, for what turned out to be a really lovely Pentecost service, and still […]

I’m a Consumer: Time to Detox

Lent starts tomorrow.  Today is a day of pancakes (with cinnamon, sugar and lemon, natch).  And tomorrow is a day for giving things up and reflecting upon life, generally.   Its something I don’t always do – but I think there is a place for taking a break from certain bits of your life and […]

Reflecting on ‘The Shock Doctrine’

I have finally finished reading Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine – only about two years after I started it!  I do just need to point out that this isn’t because the book isn’t good or engaging (it’s both): it’s more about the fact that shortly after I started reading it I found myself unemployed, living […]