in which radical readings of Romans are a *leeetle* bit scary

(but possibly really good) I’ve been on a bit of a run with Romans lately, between theology 101 and a fairly terrifying 2-day conference digging into it from an awful lot of angles, and at times it’s been fairly frustrating a struggle.  I’m wrapping it up for, having just finished reading Theodore Jennings’ Outlaw Justice: […]

the films of 2012

I like lists. And I like keeping a list of the things I’ve seen (at the cinema) and read in the last year. The ones that really make an impact tend to stay in my head anyway, but I have completist tendencies – and opinions… I also find it fun, come BAFTA/Oscar nomination time to […]

Reflecting on ‘The Shock Doctrine’

I have finally finished reading Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine – only about two years after I started it!  I do just need to point out that this isn’t because the book isn’t good or engaging (it’s both): it’s more about the fact that shortly after I started reading it I found myself unemployed, living […]