Hannah Swithinbank is a thinker and writer.

She likes to make connections with people and ideas to create potentially interesting cocktails, and she tends to be enthusiastic and opinionated.

Her blog looks at a range of things, including books, films and other media, as well as life, generally, often through the lens of Christian theology and practice.



A Brief History

By day, I’m a theologian for a Christian relief and development charity. I lead a team who work on applied theology in relation to poverty alleviation, development and disaster response and examine how the Christian faith should shape these practices, theologically and ethically. 

I have a PhD and MLitt in Ancient History, and an MA in History from the University of St Andrews. My doctoral thesis is called Talking about Politics: Constructing the res publica after Caesar’s assassination. It examines the Roman understanding of the constitution in the aftermath of Caesar’s death and argues that, for the Romans, the constitution was a contested entity, its proper nature debated and fought over, and that this contest led to conflict on the political stage, becoming a key factor in the failure to restore the Republic and the establishment of the Second Triumvirate.

By night (and at weekends) I read a lot of books, watch a lot of films, and spend a lot of time investigating what’s on in London’s various cultural haunts. I have an unhealthy attachment to the success of Andy Murray in Grand Slams and of the San Francisco Giants baseball team.  I like to let my brain wind down by spending time practicing photography and improving my cookery skills.  In my remaining spare time I explore coffee shops and flail enthusiastically at amusing and geeky things.