i'm sorry, i'm not going to make much sense here, there's this thing...

A thing called, 'Joss Whedon puts some new stuff on the internet.'

Specifically, the trailer for his film version of Much Ado About Nothing.

I was thinking about writing a post about why Joss Whedon matters and why a certain section of the internet exploded into stars this afternoon. But then my brain did this:

  • Buffy-OMG-willow-musical-hush-thebody-thegift-crying-formative

  • Angel-spikemocking-doyledying-pylea-danceofjoy-ughconnorandcordy-SMILETIME

  • Firefly-ihavenowordsforfirefly-but-wash-iamaleafonthewind-curseyoursuddentyetinevitablebetrayl

  • Dr Horrible-singalongsummerholiday-thehammeris…-NPHFillionjoy-ohmigoshtheresathreepartsofgauljokeonthecommentary

  • Dollhouse-curseyoufox-butigetwhyitisdifficult-butohireallylikeit-ENVER-andtopherandadele-andthereareshadesofgrey

  • Avengers-dothmotherknowyouwearethherdrapes-galaga-sonofcoul-nickfuryisalyingliarwholies-ohTHEHULK.

  • Much Ado About Nothing-theresgoingtobeshakespearenow-ooooooo

The bullet points are there to make it make a little bit more sense. In my head that was all happening at the same time, while another part of my brain was trying to sing both the parts for My Eyes from Dr Horrible and quote Book's speech about the special kind of hell for people who talk at the theatre.

So, I can't tell you why Joss Whedon matters. I generally have little to no sense of perspective when it comes to his work, and little to no desire to obtain any.  I have the fact that I started watching Buffy when I was 16, and was wrapping up my undergraduate education by the time it ended.

ll I can tell you is some bits and pieces about why Joss Whedon matters to me. Because Buffy was formulative: I would be a different me if there hadn't been Buffy.   I  was the same age, going through the same bits of life as Buffy, only, y’know, without the vampires or the superpowers. I have a lot of her experiences, and a lot more of her vocabulary. I learnt how to not care so much about being popular, that the geek shall inherit the earth, that addiction happens to the people you don’t expect it to, how to make friends and fight with friends and keep friends, that you can be strong and vulnerable and smart and funny all at the same time.   I also learnt that you could like both ‘popular’ entertainment and ‘highbrow’ culture and reference both of them (“We few, we happy few, we band of buggered” / “I’m bored. Episode One Bored”).  One day, I imagine, I will learn that I will be able to deal with death better because I watched The Body.

Asking me why Joss Whedon matters, if you don't already think he does, is a bit like asking a Christian why religion is good if you don't believe that it is - you're only going to treat the response with scepticism. So, instead, have something to sing about...

on why i still need you to defend me.

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