Selected Publications and Papers

Forthcoming 2019, with Richard Gower and Naomi Foxwood: ‘Sustained by Faith: the role of Christian belief and practice in living sustainably’ in Handbook of Sustainability and Humanities: linking social values, theology and spirituality towards sustainability, eds. Walter Leal Filho and Adriana Consorte McCrea.

Forthcoming 2019: Poverty in the Early Church and Today eds Steve Walton and Hannah Swithinbank (in press with Bloomsbury T&T Clark), including chapter, ‘The ‘Undeserving Poor’: The Rhetoric and Theological Development of a Problematic Category’

2017: Made in the Image of God: the importance of the imago dei for issues in international development, eds. David Westlake, Krish Kandiah and Hannah Swithinbank (Tearfund)

2016: Review of Connolly, J. (2015) The Life of Roman Republicanism in the Journal of Roman Studies 106

2015: The ‘Undeserving Poor’: The Rhetoric and Theological Development of a Problematic Category, presented at Poverty in the Early Church and Today (St Mary’s University, Twickenham)

2012: Review of Robb, Maggie. (2010) Beyond Populares and Optimates: Political Language in the Late Republic (Historia Einzelschriften 213) in The Journal of Roman Studies 102.

2011: A Call to Arms: Sallust’s Presentation of the creation of the ‘People’ as a political unit, presented at the Classical Association (CA) Conference, Durham.

2010: ‘The corruption of the constitution? Pompeius’ eastern commands and the changing res publica,’ presented at UNISA Classics Colloquium, Pretoria

2010: ‘Driving out the Enemy: Cicero’s Philippics and the danger of exclusionary rhetoric,’ presented at Cicero Awayday VI, Newcastle